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Church and State under Enda Kenny

Relations between Church and State have been turbulent since the current Government came to power. David Quinn examines its record to date from the closure of the embassy to the Holy See to the passage of the new abortion law.

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What happened to Catholic Ireland? An Irish-American historian’s view

John McCarthy is retired professor of Irish history at Fordham University, New York, and lives part of the year in Ireland. In his talk he will give his view on the past, present and future of Irish Catholicism.

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After Prime Time: What type of childcare is best for children?

THE recent Prime Time documentary revealing disturbing mistreatment of children in some of the country’s crèches has focused national attention once again on the very important issue of child-care.

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A Christian response to Europe's crises

The Iona Institute is co-sponsoring a major conference to coincide with Ireland’s presidency of the European Union. It takes place on May 10, with a ‘curtain-raiser’ event on May 9. The conference will look at the many crises currently facing Europe, whether economic, political, social, religious or environmental. It will look at Christian responses to each of these challenges.

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What we owe Christianity

The topic of our next conference will be 'What we owe Christianity'. It will look at the Christian contribution to human rights, politics and how it helped shape Ireland for the better.

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