How our tax system penalises families today

A recent paper from The Iona Institute shows that families today are massively penalised by the tax system compared with…


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Doctor holding a stethoscope with arms crossed and copy space
By David Quinn

Today on Twitter I said that the media ought to pay as much attention to Irish women pressured by doctors into having abortions as they do to stories of rogue pro-life agencies giving inaccurate advice. The tweets in response engaged...

epa05433311 A week after becoming Britain's second woman prime minister, Mrs Theresa May attends her first Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, Westminster, London 20th  July 20th 2016. The image is a video grab from live tv streaming. Later in the day she will fly to Berlin for her first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as premier.  EPA/PA NO COMMERCIAL SALES UK AND IRELAND OUT  EDITORIAL USE ONLY

British PM, Theresa May, stood up in the House of Commons this week and told MPs, “our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of”. It is very hard to imagine any senior Irish politician saying that, never...


David Quinn of The Iona Institute appeared on the Last Word yesterday to debate the question, ‘Has political correctness gone too far?’ It was prompted by a column he wrote recently for The Irish Independent. He said that while the basic...


Hear a fascinating and in-depth talk by Jennifer Lahl on the history of surrogacy, the industry that services it, and the victims it has left in its wake. The talk was hosted by The Iona Institute. Jennifer is the founder...


A conference was held in Dublin last week called ‘Safe Ireland’. The intention was to draw attention to, and find ways of reducing, violence against women and children. One issue it appears not to have gone near is whether there...


How can the promotion of marriage help reverse economic and social inequality in Irish society? This was a topic broached in the Iona Institute’s Mind the Gap briefing note which showed that marriage and family differ hugely by social class, with...


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